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Do you have a program for cash patients?

Brookside Dental is pleased to offer a membership benefits plan for patients without insurance. This plan allows our uninsured cash patients to receive discounts on treatments, so their dental care is more affordable. 

Our In-House Membership Plans 

The Standard Plan 

You receive yearly x-rays, one routine exam, and two preventive dental cleanings for the low cost of $15 per month. A 10% discount is also included, which patients can use on any treatments of their choosing. 

The initial dental visit is $75 and includes dental x-rays, one exam, and two professional teeth cleanings. 

The Plan for Patients with Gum Disease 

Patients with active gum disease will receive a detailed evaluation of their oral health status and a customized treatment plan. After your initial treatment, we may recommend routine visits every few months to manage your gum disease. 

The monthly fee for patients receiving gum disease treatment ranges between $30–$40.  

How Our Membership Benefits Program Works 

We charge your credit card monthly, which accumulates before your dental appointment. By the time you visit us, you’ll have enough credit to cover the visit. 

Credits are fully refundable at any time, and there are no restrictions, contracts, or terms. 

We also offer family plans at Brookside Dental. For more information, please get in touch with us today!

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