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Teeth staining and discoloration are unavoidable consequences of time. Even if you take fantastic care of your teeth, you’re likely to see some yellowing at the very least. At Brookside Dental in Nampa, Idaho, Robbie Hamblin, DDS, provides effective whitening treatments with little to no impact on your oral sensitivity but a massive impact on your appearance. To find out how much brighter your teeth can get, request your appointment by phone or online today.

Teeth Whitening

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that nearly anyone can get to lighten their teeth by about seven shades. At Brookside Dental, Dr. Hamblin offers both in-office and take-home whitening systems by Ultradent®:

In-office whitening

During a whitening session in the office, Dr. Hamblin applies a gel to the surfaces of your teeth. The gel contains a bleaching agent as well as a substantial amount of fluoride to strengthen your teeth. The bleach works quickly to break apart stains on your teeth as Dr. Hamblin shines a powerful light on them to speed up the processing.

Take-home trays

If the time it takes to sit at Brookside Dental for teeth whitening doesn’t fit into your schedule, Dr. Hamblin also offers take-home trays to suit your needs. Following instructions closely, you’ll wear your prefilled tray for as little as 15 minutes before disposing of it. You’ll see gorgeous results with this treatment alone or using it as a follow-up after in-office whitening. Trays from your dentist are more comfortable and effective than nonprescription home whitening kits.

What kinds of discoloration can teeth whitening fix?

Teeth whitening can lift brown stains a bit, but it’s especially effective in treating yellow teeth. Stains that are easily lifted with whitening treatments come from:

  • Dark-colored foods and drinks
  • Tobacco 
  • Aging

Your teeth can also become discolored due to trauma after an accident or some medication use. If this is the case, your teeth are unlikely to respond well to whitening. If you’re self-conscious about gray or brown teeth that won’t brighten, Dr. Hamblin may recommend crowns or other dental devices to give you a more beautiful looking smile.

Will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

Many patients hesitate to whiten their teeth for fear of increased sensitivity. Ultradent’s whitening products aim to minimize the wear of your enamel that results in sensitivity by adding a few strengthening ingredients along with the bleach.

Your whitening product contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to maintain the strength and resilience of your teeth. If you do notice a difference in sensitivity, it will be mild.

If your teeth are losing their luster over time, call Brookside Dental or book an appointment online for whitening treatments today.